Magazine Topic/Genre

And lastly, for this part of the research we were asked to pick a publication and talk about its contents topic/genre-wise. The magazine I chose to go with is "Creepy" published by Warren Publishing. The first issue was published in 1964 and it was lively till 1983, after that, it rose from the grave in …

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Editorial Image Making Process

For this part of the field research assignment we were asked to document the process of editorial image making. The artist who I decided to go with is Xinmei Liu. I find their illustrations to be aesthetically-pleasing, cute but also a bit ominous. The reason for that is the fact that their art-style is reminiscent …

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Editorial Illustration Concepts and Ideas

Editorial illustrations are images meant to translate the message or main idea of a piece of media. More often than not, there are several layers of concepts or ideas behind these illustrations. For this section of the research we were asked to research and analyze a couple of illustrations - for instance - what and …

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