Developing A Visual Narrative Workshop

A small comic I made for a workshop hosted by Jayde Perkin and Till Lukat for our Developing Visual Narratives module! We were asked to pick a song or poem and develop a visual narrative based around it. We could have gone either off of the lyrics, the instrumental or even the vibe we got from it. I ended up picking “Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers as my source of inspiration, specifically, the ending lyric – “don’t leave a stranger”.

The storyline that I was able to make up based on it was that depicting a struggling person’s journey of finding familiarity within a stranger for the first time, and, as a result, finding the familiarity that was presumed to be missing, within. The act that follows depicts the protagonist of the story seeking out familiarity within other people but the more people they familiarise with, the harder it is to maintain and uphold relations with all of them. As a result, they grow apart and the familiarity quite literally is drained from them. All but one remains – the founder of said familiarity within the protagonist. Unfortunately, the familiarity within this person has too been drained, with a single speckle remaining but that too does not stay around for too long. The protagonist is left feeling lonely and distraught, having lost all familiarity but that within themselves, desperately begging everyone to not leave a stranger.

The comic itself was a bit of a pain to figure out and translate into a visual narrative properly. Should definitely have thought about it more before going into creating it, but that is now noted for the future! Comic was handdrawn using pastel pencils.


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