Installation Workshop

For this workshop, we were given a selected assortiment of materials and were asked to put it up on the walls – there was really no direction or indication as to how we were supposed to put them up nor what it was supposed to be, the only thing we were told was that we had to put up as much as possible until the given time ran out. My team ended up receiving a collection of small black and pink wooden planks, odd-looking half pyramids and a couple of shelves. I had absolutely no idea what to go for at first but after a quick think and a glance at the materials I had an idea, I started assemling the items on the floor, planning out the composition and such. And thus – wall cow was born!

We were not able to put everything up, but I am very satisfied with what we were able to achieve in such a short amount of time.. and a very limited knowledge of how to use tools.. thank you Lola for pulling us through! It was a great experience and gave me a small taste of what would soon come – the group project! It had started already at the time of the workshop, but we hadn’t really done much group work just yet at that point in the module.


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