Modelmaking Workshop

Today I gave modelmaking a try! I’ve done modelmaking before, but this time was my first time ever creating something using the process of foam shaving. I think for my first try, it went well, but there’s a lot that could be improved, and improve I shall with a side project I have decided to take on as an expansion to this concept. I think I will remake this model using air-dry clay and perhaps make a mini diorama to go alongside it, will have to see where it takes me.

UPDATE (February 22nd) – Unfortunately, expanding upon this concept did not work out as I decided to divert my attention towards the actual work for this module’s hand in! However, I have worked on some sketches for what I was considering doing had I had the time, they’re nothing new, but seeing as I had never put them on here apart from a brief sneak peek in the photos above.


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