Homework in Preparation For The Module

The homework was an assignment that had a very similar task as the main brief. It posed as an exercise in preparation for the actual thing. Like with the main brief, we had to choose a piece of art that wouldn’t be illustration but would fall into the art and design category. To be honest, I’m not sure if my pick was correct as it could be classified as an illustration, but.. is it? I truly have no idea, but regardless, what’s done is done and I’m satisfied with what I was able to make of the source material. And even if I did make a mistake, that’s alright as well, it still was a great exercise to do!

The idea behind this remake is the view on people with mental illness and mental illness as a whole – how it was seen in the past versus how it’s perceived in present day. In the past. The remake showcases the developed outlook on it – people with mental illness are no longer seen as inhumane or flawed, but rather as individuals going through existential torture, suffering more than anyone should. The remake also reflects the lost perception of self as a human, therefore the shape still resembling the silhouette of the insect, but not being dehumanized in the process.


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