Word and Image Final Piece and Evaluation

This post is a compilation of everything I’ve done up until the deadline.

For the Word and Image module I chose the poem “Orlando” by Andrea Gibson as my point of interest. I have spent many hours analyzing it top to bottom, bottom to top. Most of the analysis and research can be found here:

Made with Padlet


The final piece has been quite difficult to take proper photos of due to lack of proper equipment, I will make sure to upload good photos as soon as I get the opportunity. For now, the best way to display the piece on the blog would be through the gif I’ve created as well as the slideshow with each and every individual frame of the gif!

The images above depict what I had envisioned the final piece to be but due to time constraints was made to settle for less. I do take the blame for that as I dedicated far much more attention to the development and creation of the final piece for the other module that we had running alongside Word and Image.

The idea was to recreate the club floorplan using a fold-out artist book that would step-by-step play out the events of the night as told by Andrea themselves. The interior would have a lot of visual cues and hints that would help the reader/viewer follow along and slowly comprehend what had happened that night. The not-so-center centerpiece is a representation of Andrea, as well as many others’ journey of coping with living life after such a massive loss in their community. It also works as a memorial piece for everyone who lost their lives in the shooting. Each slate representing an individual who had their life taken away.

I see this becoming an installation or even a memorial ground that could be built close or on the premises of the nightclub. However, a lot more work would have to be put into the perfecting of the concept and execution.


I must admit, I did avoid doing anything for this module for the longest time. The only thing I had done over the course of the first couple months was researching the event, coming up with ideas and writing it all down. I then got caught up with working on the other module and because of that, I was simply not able to push my vision to its maximum potential. I am very disappointed in myself. I could make the excuse that it has not been the easiest time for me as I have had a lot going on in my personal life throughout the run time of the module, but in the end, it doesn’t justify or change anything.

I think the key reason as to why I was so scared of touching this module was the abstract aspect of it. I never understood abstraction and I don’t think I ever will, truly! Upon talking with fellow course mates, it’s not as off-colour as I would’ve assumed. The only parts of the module that I was able to enjoy were the ones that did not involve thinking abstractly or figuring out how to translate a very figurative narrative into an abstract one. My brain does not work like that – the number of times I ended up getting overly overwhelmed because I couldn’t think of what shape could represent what is absurd.

I do think that going through this experience was beneficial to me as a creative. It provided me with the opportunity to try something I would never even think of doing because to strong opposition against it, it also made me realize that I don’t dislike abstract art at all! I absolutely dread it.

With that said, I think what I’ve been able to achieve, despite the odds, is great, given the circumstances. I am proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. The only thing that I wish had been different was the amount of work that I could hand in.

Moving onwards, I wish to improve upon my outlook on things I may not be overly fond of. I think my strong views against abstract art ended up tripping me over and it took a good while for me to get back on my feet. I did give it an honest shot in the end but I don’t think it will count for as much as I normally would expect from myself. I will make sure to not let it get to me in future projects as this is just embarrassing – having to type out several paragraphs talking about how I haven’t done well enough. I don’t ever want to resort to this again.

It has been a difficult module, I did not take it seriously enough, I’ll deal with the consequences and make sure to never let myself go like that ever again.


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