Text and Image: Cover and Double Page Spread

Here is my attempt at trying to create an abstract cover for the poem Orlando. I designed it in a way that would allow for it to be use for displaying the final piece. However, due to shortage of time, I don’t think I will be able to prepare the final presentation, I will make a digital rendition of it and upload it onto the final piece page. The cover serves the purpose of the cover of the booklet – it is meant to represent the exterior of the club. I would definitely use the one with additional textures as I think it does a better job at telling the story of what happened on that night.

The type used for the title was created by lasso cropping images of a paper tester that I created earlier in the module. It was meant to be a final piece for the artist book workshop, but I later decided to incorporate it into the final piece itself.

The double page spread is meant to represent the inside of the club – it’s chaotic, worn down, difficult to look at. The different holes scattered around the floor are meant to represent the 49 victims that lost their lives that night, the ones that are not coloured in represent the shots that were not fatal.

Colour theory used for this is explained in the post below:

While representing the victims, I chose to exclusively use the bright and positive meanings of the colous. While their fates were tragic, I think it’s best to remember them for the lives they lead, the people they were, rather than remembering their last moments on earth.


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