Process and Practice Final Pieces and Evaluation

This post is a thread of final images and links to posts in which I explore my subject matter as well as the development more in depth. The 3 links under the final piece images will take you to the processes of creating the creature, the tester platter as well as other content that showcases the entire journey of the Process and Practice module.


Process of creating the creature

Process of creating the tester container

Additional context behind the concept (story)



Process and practice was potentially one of the greatest entry modules to an academic year, and, for the most part – it was. Reading through the brief initially made me excited for the possibilities that were available thanks to the open-ended topic of interest. I was able to come up with an idea within the first couple of hours and was lucky enough to feel confident enough at that point in time to carry on with developing it and having it evolve into the concept behind my final piece.

The final piece ended up being something that was nothing like anything else I had created before. It proposed a whole lot of new challenges that in retrospect, I believe I was able to take on without much struggle. This collection of final pieces is the largest that I have been able to create for a final hand-in throughout my entire university, or even, academic experience.

However, with that comes the consequence of beating myself to a pulp, be it mentally or physically. The problem of me losing my ability to work in a healthy manner peered its head once more, even though I had promised myself that I would not do that again. Losing sleep, not eating, isolating myself from the outside world, not taking breaks and overall, not taking care of myself became a major issue once again. Due to these factors, I was quite miserable throughout the process of creating my creature. Tutorials, while helpful in the beginning, in the end they ended up delivering several jabs to my self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-anything, really. There was a point after my last tutorial that I found myself fall off and truly lose my sense of self for about two to three weeks. I felt embarrassed, like I wasn’t enough or that my craft wasn’t good enough. It had gotten to a point where I felt like I had no other choice but to consider dropping out of the university and maybe taking a break for a year or two as I felt I had truly reached my limit. It didn’t help that there was a lot going on in my personal life as well as having to juggle a whole other module on top of all that.

I’m glad I didn’t pursue anything of that sort however as I have successfully reached the finish line, and, while unpleasant (not fully), this experience has helped me understand myself even better. I fell off but I did not let that impact my work. In fact, the following week after that one tutorial I was able to pull off the best streak of creating something I had in a while. In the future, however, I will not let it get to a point in which I could or would be criticized for not doing enough.

Overall, I am satisfied with what I’ve been able to create and showcase. I’ve learned a lot of useful skills that I plan on honing and incorporating in my future projects, this module has been great for soul-searching and evolving as a creative.


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