Tester Container

This is a short post discussing the small side piece that I made for storing and displaying the skin tester pieces. After making them, I created a platter using foil and paper mache. Then added a base for it and edited the interior of the platter.

The platter:

Crafting the dome:

I decided to try insulation foam a try. It was a material I was planning on using initially when I still had the hopes that I could make at least 2-3 outfits. Thank god I did get it as I was able to use it for creating the dome for my display platter! I started by spraying a bunch of it onto a glass dome with some cling film wrapped around it (for easier removal). I let it dry outside overnight, took it back inside in the morning, removed the bowl and the cling film too.

The inside hadn’t dried perfectly, so I let it dry some more. While it was drying, I was inspecting it and thinking of what I could do with it. Then it hit me.

I scurried to my room with the idea, tipped everything over trying to find the little box I had, in which my bookbinding tools resided in. And there it was – my bookbinding awl. My idea was – using the guidelines of the natural formations, I will cut into it and make a bunch of holes. I decided to use the laddle as a knife was too flat and risky to use for something as delicate as this. It took a while, but alas!

I then decided to give it a small paint job to make it look slightly better. Not sure if I’ve been able to achieve that result but what’s done is done! I do think it looks better with the paintjob than it did without, so at least there’s that!

At one point it did start to l too much like an overbaked pizza, so I decided to add some pale yellow to neutralize that.


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