Creating my Creature Part 6: Giving it Life.

The final (and shortest) part of the series! With all the bits and pieces complete, it was time to put on my creature’s skin and give it a test run. Pure chaos is what it was. Wearing it and walking around made me realize that I really should not have labeled it as an outfit this whole time as it was more of a sculpture that you can put on yourself. It’s so delicate, so frail, that I would stop breathing at points so as not to accidentally ruin it. It was a horrifying yet fun experience. I really wish I could have booked a photography session at uni, but because the SPCs were closed, was unable to do so, but it’s definitely worth going for it after project. I definitely want to have a longlasting memory as it truly has been one of the most ambitious things I have ever made, especially at uni. I should probably stop before I start getting into the details that I can cover in my evaluation post, haha. Here are all the images that I had a dear friend take of me while in the outfit!

I will edit some of these to put them in the final piece post, most definitely! It was so surreal wearing all of it at once, after spending so much time creating it – I felt accomplished, powerful and most prevalently – scared for my life. The combination of the morph suit and the mask made it almost impossible to see, coupled with my inability to walk properly in heels – each second was spent fighting for my life. But – that’s exactly what I was hoping to achieve – life!

I am very happy with how it turned out. Although, I will admit, I do have some insecurities and doubts, but I believe they’re just manifestation of stress and exhaustion with a pinch of some hurdles that I had a tough time getting over throughout these modules. It’s been a difficult time. I’ve done the most that I can. I am proud.


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