Composition Workshop

For this workshop we had to pick one of the 2 provided texts and create an abstract visual interpretation of the narrative using different points of view: first and third person.

It was very early in the morning, the streets clean and deserted, I was walking to the station. As I compared the tower clock with my watch I realized that it was already much later than I had thought, I had to hurry, the shock of this discovery made me unsure of the way, I did not yet know my way very well in this town; luckily, a policeman was nearby, I ran up to him and breathlessly asked him the way. He smiled and said: “From me you want to know the way?” “Yes,” I said, “since I cannot find it myself.” “Give it up! Give it up,” he said, and turned away with a sudden jerk, like people who want to be alone with their laughter.


I’ve only been able to create a rough idea of what I would like the final piece to look like. I knew that I would not be able to do the finalized version of it due to time constraints since the beginning so I decided to make a tester and call it a day. I did, however, develop both narratives:

The choice for the medium – acrylic paint on acrylic sheet – fits the scenario perfectly due to the fact that it’s scattered with coincidences and unpredictable possibilities, something I think the story provided has a plethora of. The colours, I think, embody the absurdity of the situation as well as the chaos within the person from whose point of view the story is being told.

What I imagine the other 1st person panels would’ve looked like had I gone with finalizing them:

I think if I had gone with creating a more finalized visual for the third person narrative, I would’ve used a different medium, colour palette and texture as it would be an entirely different story. Say, someone was watching this “act” unfold from their window. What was a chaotic and anxiety-inducing experience for the protagonist, potentially was an exciting spectacle from a third person’s point of view.

The process of working on this workshop has really helped me out in the long run, it played a major role in developing my final piece. In terms of medium, considering different perspectives as well as visually translating emotions and states.


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