The Dawn of Black Sun

The year is 2046, it’s the 13th of June. A slight, yet noticeable change in the colour of the Sun’s surface is reported to the administration over at a NASA station in Greenbelt, Maryland. A distress signal is forwarded to other stations across the country, which, after a couple of minutes, is responded to. The other stations have stated that they too have noticed the shift in the saturation of the surface of the Sun. A discussion sparks but soon is concluded with a simple yet seemingly effective solution – they’ve decided that they would keep it on the low and keep track of any other “behavioural” changes of the Sun, they felt as though there was no need to panic just yet. However, they would soon be met with the horrifying discovery that over the course of the next 20 minutes that the conferendum was held, the Sun’s surface has gone through yet another shift in tone, this time, even more noticeable. With that came the realisation that something was very, very wrong. Upon contacting other government space agencies around the globe, they were met with an affirming, but equally as horrifying response – the Sun was changing. Fast.

Teams across the world did not hesitate any further and jumped straight to work, trying to figure out the reason behind the desaturation of the Sun. However, In that moment, they failed to realize that there was little to nothing that they could do to change anything. Their vision fogged by desperation and a false sense of hope. Work equating to nothing, given the circumstance and the pressure that it brought. Time was being wasted.. or was it actually, given the fact that this could possibly have been the end of time itself. While that was happening, the sun had undergone even more drastic changes. What had been known as a gigantic orb of fire and plasma storms had now become a tame, yellow ball in the grasp of eternal space. Emergency broadcasts eventually started coming in reporting sudden, extreme changes in the atmosphere of Earth, but were almost immediately cut due to an apparent electromagnetic interference caused by the ever-changing state of the Sun. It wouldn’t have been the first time that a solar flare would cause a radio blackout, but there was something very different about the one that seemingly hit at the time this was taking place – it didn’t just cause a radio blackout, soon after the radio went, so did all of access to contact the outside and finally – all of the electricity in the building and quite possibly – the entire world. There was now no way to track what had been becoming of The Sun.

Fortunately, the headquarters was equipped with an emergency exit in the case of a blackout. The team rushed out of the building, only to be met with the new world that the Sun’s changes had created. The hot summer air had now turned into freezing wintery breeze, the once blue sky was now a deep purple, clouds – a deep red, forming and loafing around a couple of meters from the ground. While surely bizarre, unfortunately, this was not the end of it. As minutes passed, the world continued to change even more. Any sort of colour was slowly fading out from the planet, the Sun had now become a griseous orb, absorbing any light it had once emited back into itself, with it, went any form of life – plants were the first to die out, then the animals and lastly – humans themselves. With the Sun having absorbed everything, the planet had now become pitch black with seemingly no life on it whatsoever. The ground was litered with carcases of once-alive organisms, every bit and corner of this wasteland of a planet deprived of any chance to see the light of day ever again.

The once griseous orb had now become a perfect white, however, that was not the end of its metamorphosis. Suddenly, it started losing its just about perfect spherical form and began distorting in a way that could only be described as turning itself inside out. The life that it created and absorbed would now act as its life core while it creates a new form of life to cultivate later on. This new form of life would be birthed from the ashes of the previous one, just this time, would be conditioned to survive the opposite of what once was, while retaining the model of evolution that had been developing for over 17777 cosmic years.

This new form of life would come in the form of mushrooms which survived the swallowing of light incident and now will feed off of the decaying carcases of those who did not survive. However, the powerful surge that was let out as a result of the inversion of the Sun caused a “glitch” to occur and some of the previous timeline ended up transfering over to the new one, which will have some interesting results with how the new life would develop.

It is the dawn of the Black Sun timeline.


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