The Adult (Design + Inspirations)

It appears that each look being more difficult to figure out than the last is a trend, and will probably carry on to when I finally get down to designing the elder form. The fact that I still have not fully figured it out yet just goes to show how much of a tedious job evolution is.. I have a couple of key components figured out, it’s just the actual thing that’s awaiting to be put together. As for this stage, it was quite difficult to figure out any correlations to any existing creatures apart from a couple, most of the elements are based on the mental altitude of the being and its role as a protector of the younger. I also figured I could give animalistic inspirations a halt as with mental development, you’re more keen on using your ability to think as opposed to relying on instincts and reflexes. It could also be seen as a shift in superiority/authority, the being is getting closer to being more untouchable, almost god-like, it is no longer as grounded as it once was. For the animalistic aspects of it, I have provided it with a covering of hard slates that are formed around the body, giving off the illusion of conch shells wrapping it, representing a “thicker skin” that almost every adult has told younger individuals to grow. The adult’s ears have closed off and hardened, reverting to something similar to what the creature once had – the ram horns from it’s second stage – the Juvenile, butting at the idea of adults regrowing a bit of stubborness and hotheadedness. The once hollow head has now broken apart and veiled down on the creature, providing it with a face veil and an extra layer of protection around the body, further playing into the untouchability and god-like pressence of this stage. The all seeing eye that suddenly bursts open is now substituting for the lost eyesight that the parasitic face covering caused. The third eye is commonly considered to be a symbol of future sight, as a result, the Adult is only able to see future and is blind to the present, symbolizing the common trait of adults talking, focusing and thinking about the future of the youth and not much so on how they might be feeling in the present. The massive shield-like veil could also symbolize the ending of the matamorphosis cycle, insinuating the final stage is ready to burst out of its cocoon.


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