Changing My Choice For POI

Hey, all.

Almost a week later I return with a new post! You might be thinking – oh, he must’ve taken all this time off to get his mind settled on the project and the direction he wants to take, perhaps he’s done some proper work for once! Well, I’ll have you know – you’re very mistaken if you thought so! I have not progressed in the slightest with this project.. Critical perspectives is butting at me, asking me to write it and get it out of the way, but I simply cannot get myself to get down to it, nor can I get myself to do anything for the Visual Essay module either. There’s less than a full month left until the deadline and I have absolutely nothing.. my hopes to get at least a pass are slowly fading away.. But I’m not planning on giving up any time soon. This will require extra effort but if it means I finish my first year with a good track record, I’ll do it. I have to be honest, I had reached a point where I had given up but I’d like to think that it was the lowest point from which the only way to go with be up! With that said, time to get on to the actual portion of the post.

My initial point of interest choice ended up making me feel like I would not be able to deliver as much as I’d like to, therefore, I have decided on going for a switch in subject matter. Something about creating a publication with monotonous illustrations just did not sound as appealing in the end. Additionally, there was just no narrative to get out of it. The only other way I could have gone about it is by taking a single recipe and illustrating the narrative of making it but is that really my best option? From what I gathered, our passion for and interest in the subject should most definitely shine through our work, but that would just not have been the case if I had done the publication I initially had planned.

I considered possibilities for the other points of interest and realized that they all had much more potential than ever had. I think the only appealing thing about that point of interest was the fact that I would have to do less work by focusing on a single area for two projects (digital adventures and change someone’s day) but as I soon would learn, would become a detriment rather than a benefit, mainly because of how the two approaches would be situated on the polar opposite ends of the spectrum – overly analytical and directionless stupid fun.

Three that held most potential out of the whole bunch were: Mothman (making a publication about its appearances, its connections to events that took place shortly after, the history, the impact, the urban legends surrounding it, the anatomy/appearance, the identity, other), Art of Manliness (documenting the bringing up of a man according to the website, from birth till death), Rosie the Shark (finding a well document case of an abandoned animal/-s and creating a publication about that). In my last tutorial, I was told that the Mothman idea was probably my best shot, especially because I have a lot of facts on it stored at the back of my mind. My initial concern was the fact that a coursemate was doing something cryptid-related too and I did not want to make it seem like I was copying or stealing their concept but a conversation with them helped me get rid of that concern and just go for it and thus brings us to this post.

I have had a passion for crptids ever since I was a youngster, I think my first exposure to it was back when I was still in kindergarten. I remember going back home and indulging in content that revolved around these mythos through the means of cartoons, documentaries and other forms of media. I have no idea why but they seemed to be very prevalent in the 2000s, what was up with that? These days it’s definitely not even close to being as popular as it used to be but it seems as though more and more content is beginning to see the light of day which covers the history and impact of these beings. With my publication, I want to contribute to the revival of this subject as it was a big part of my life way back in the day and believe that other people should get the opportunity to experience the fascinating world of cryptids. Also, I just really enjoy reading and talking about it, therefore I think it would just make it easier for me to consume information and make an effective reportage on it.

I would love to create it in a way that would make it look like a journal entry, like something from Gravity Falls or The Secret Saturdays. I think having an authentic feel to it would definitely benefit it aesthetically and give it a nice feel of authenticity. Not only that but it could also pass as one of those books I used to have as a child and would flip through on a daily basis in a manner that you would assume I had never seen it before. I want to awaken a long forgotten memory in those who share similar experiences with me but also create a new memory for those who might have missed out on it.

For now that is all, thank you for reading if you did, hopefully this will be the beginning of a roll for working! Until next time!


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