Deciding On What To Do (Scrapped)

For Digital Adventures I decided to do a small publication which would feature 10 recipes from the website but it would be illustrated in a way that would make it look like a manual for putting something together. I decided to use IKEA manuals as my main source of inspiration as I find them to be rather charming, easy on the eyes and a viable choice to get the point across on top of that. I thought about doing the full manual with the instructions, but I figured that is way too much effort for something that is just a workshop, plus, we don’t have that much time to begin with.

I was able to find some good examples of what I envisioned.

I think this approach would be good enough and perhaps even unconventional. Like I mentioned before, I think I will be skipping the comic bit, but that is only because I will be using the illustrations as a sort of advertisement/promotion for the recipe, the publication overall will be a promotional piece for the website. I’m hoping to have it done by this Friday as that is when I will be able to present it during a tutorial which is assigned to me. For the exterior of the booklet, I think I will go for a simple but fitting design that I will create using elements presented by the front page of the website; imagery, colour palette, layout, other. I think, within the single pages which will represent the recipes I will only include the ingredients as well as a drawn image of the final product. By doing so, I’m bound to cause confusion and hopefully concern too.

Another option I had was looking into Samuel Barsky and perhaps finding other artists that used unconventional means to keep a “diary”. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone else like that, let alone the rest.. If I had found them, I would’ve most definitely have done my Digital Adventures on that.

It is uncertain where these adventure will take me nor what will come of it, but I’m not going to give up, regardless of how unmotivated and drained I may feel.


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