This must have been one of the most tedious tasks that I have ever dealt with, for quite a big chunk of the module I was very doubtful of myself, resulting in a lot of time and nerves being wasted. But despite that, I managed to come through with a result that I myself am proud of.

For my zine, I used two soft-cover A5 sized sketchbooks, a set of fine liners and four different coloured pencils. I am rather impressed with the result I was able to craft using a considerably limited set of tools.

One of the things I have mixed feelings about is the fact I separated from a group of other people that went with the Health topic. While I do believe we could have crafted something amazing, at the same time I feel as though I would have been too much of a liability had I stayed. I take a while, even with my own projects, I could not risk stressing out my peers by finalizing my work only two days before the deadline. Additionally, I could not allow myself to be reliant on others either. Working with new people is a rather risky task – it either works or it does not and sometimes tough calls need to be made.

While proud, I believe there is a plethora of things I need to work on, more specifically – text stylization/fonts, time management, sketching more freely, thinking less negatively/not falling into a state of panic before I can really look at the situation rationally.

All in all, this module was stressful at times, but I feel as though that brings a sense of challenge which makes it livelier. The guest lecturers we had on the board were brilliant, inspiring and very helpful.


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