Magazine Topic/Genre

And lastly, for this part of the research we were asked to pick a publication and talk about its contents topic/genre-wise. The magazine I chose to go with is “Creepy” published by Warren Publishing. The first issue was published in 1964 and it was lively till 1983, after that, it rose from the grave in 2009 until its final issue was released in 2016. Since then there have been no rumours surrounding its return anytime soon.

The publication is centered around the campy side of horror – scary stories, spine-chilling comics, mentions of horror book and movie releases and other. As a horror fan I was left intrigued by the idea of there being a horror themed magazine. It would be interesting to see what could have been if this magazine had stuck around, especially with how drastically the horror scene has changed since its release.

In its “lifetime”, “Creepy” paved the way for future horror publications and has received some commercial success by being referenced in mainstream media. (Most notably its appearance in other comics, movies and other)


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