Magazine Design

For this part of the research we were asked to take a magazine of our choice and to dissect its design and highlight its unique qualities and core. The magazine I chose to analyze is Le Gun. It was introduced to us last week by the co-founder of it – Rob Rubbish. I understand how it may seem like it was an easy route to cover something we were introduced to during one of the lectures but I was just so fascinated by it that I could not just pass on the opportunity to look more into it.

Issue #6 of Le Gun

Le Gun is a magazine that features various artworks by the collective which is behind it. Each issue covers a certain topic and each page features artwork from each artist that goes with the theme. I think that it’s a great way to capture many perspectives and aspects of a specific topic. One thing than a single creative mind working on a piece is several creative minds doing so.

I am mostly fascinated by how cohesive it looks, especially when you consider the fact that there are multiple chefs in the kitchen. The layout of each page/spread is carefully decided by sticking each spread to the wall to figure out a cohesive flow of the zine that would make the journey of the reader as simple and enjoyable as possible. I also adore the fact that text does not overwhelm or cancel out the visual aspect of the zine. As someone who is close to being considered illiterate (not literally, I just find it hard to be pulled into a story or article if there is no visual context/media), I enjoy a rich visual journey opposed to a lengthily written out one.

One of the most fascinating parts of the Le Gun magazine is the fact that some of the artwork featured in it is made using real-life sets (which the group builds) as references. These make for incredibly captivating bits of the magazine, I know I would spend hours (comprised from several reading sessions) just closely analyzing it every little detail in it. I would say that that’s what makes it all the more worthwhile – the “read again” factor. I am overall very intrigued by the concept of this magazine and how well it is put together.


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